Call to Armor

A friend of mine has taken a life-threatening digger on his 20-bike in front of TV cameras at a major sporting event this weekend. He was wearing a helmet, the kind skateboarders use to protect their haircuts. He was doing a simple trick over a set of jumps he's cleared at least 10,000 times, but the head trauma he suffered still landed him in a medically induced coma.

I'm going to say this because I'm tired of watching BMXers in pudding bowls getting chewed up and spit out: it's time for media, organizations and TV networks that profit from the exploits of bike riders as cannon fodder to demand the use of higher-standard safety gear from their entertainer/athletes.

MXers wear Leatt braces, full-face helmets, chest protectors, etc. "Haters" and "the hardcore" will say "That shit ain't BMX!" Neither is driving a wheelchair. X-men who dress like mannequins at Hot Topic instead of professional risk-takers are begging for the same heartbreaking misery that ended Stephen Murray's career. When will enough be enough?

I know everyone is pulling for TJ, but prayers and well-wishing won't stop other riders from suffering the same fate. Proper safety gear might, and that's why I'm appealing (again) for people in high places to make bike riders use safety gear that makes sense.

Get well soon, TJ. And when you do, PLEASE wear proper safety gear.

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seventotheone said...

I second this. A plastic shell over some shaped styrofoam is not really a helmet at all. Are these things even safety rated...

The Fly Kinetic is pretty light and many BMX racers use it even though its a Motocross helmet. There is also the new D3 bicycle helmet from Troy Lee Designs. The MTB guys use them. Many options.