Just in Case

Last time I played blackjack I won. Last time I took playing blackjack seriously I lost. Counting cards is out. I'm too much of an exhibitionist at the tables to give this strategy the attention it requires. Instead, I follow the tips explained in the first half of this video, and fortify my attack with an aggressive money management principle called "chasing the loss." Yes, I know it's a loser's folly, but I can't resist. "Fast" Eddie Felson once said "Money won is twice as sweet as money earned," and I agree. I've often said if I could win $500 every day at a $10 blackjack table, I'd quit my day job and live in a casino. My personal strategy demands sitting down at that $10 table with a $500 stake (50x the table minimum is my preferred buy-in), and that's what stops me from trying. I don't have $500 to piss away on dumb fun, and if I did I'd buy another old motorcycle or perhaps a shifter cart. I like to gamble, but I'm also just a big kid.

Now, back to the tables…


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