Bono Knows

Erudite, cheekily self deprecating and forward-thinking aren't words that normally come to mind when describing rock stars, but Bono is no ordinary singer. When he isn't peacocking in J-Lo shades and gold lamé suits, the U2 frontman regularly bends the ear of statesmen, and has been known to bend the will of whole states. Adolescence in Ireland seems to have imbued Bono's conscience with a freedom-loving philanthropist's sense of purpose and hope beyond reason, and he uses the bully pulpit of his band's triple-platinum pop rock and SRO concerts to share his global agenda with the youthful, energized masses. People like Bill Clinton, the Dalai Lama and Barrack Obama are listening, and now so too are the readers of the New York Times.

Bono's recommendations of what to look for and dream about in the next decade has me bringing my U2 catalog to the front of my playlist.

Rattle and Hum, indeed.


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