Lame to The Power of Fucked

An Australian ad shop perpetrated this un-clever, unfunny, uninspired ruse on an unsuspecting public for the purpose of showing what their brand of "creativity" might be worth to their clients' bottom line:

Cooking up bullshit about a product's prowess and performance isn't creative; it's lying.

Shit like this is why the ad game is wearing thin for me.

Before I knew the job of copywriter existed, I knew I wanted to write copy for ads and catalogs. I've been doing just that for over 25 years, so I know a steaming pile when I see it. I've written dozens if not hundreds of them personally.

Hackery like "rad to the power of sick" gives copywriters and copy writing a bad name.

These guys are douchebags, and the poor sap who paid 134 and change for the rusty old BMX bike should be allowed to kick the copywriter in the dick as penance for his prose.

And if the clown who paid 134 and change did so because he thought this copy was funny, someone should kick that Aussie tosser in the testicles, too.


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