Swinger's Club II

I'm golfing this afternoon. With a girl. The last time I golfed with a girl was the first time I golfed with a girl, way back in 1989. That opportunity arose in the wake of my termination at Mongoose bicycles. I had severance money in pocket and time on my hands, so we grabbed some clubs and loaded up the EZ-Go for a good drive spoiled.

The girl who popped my coed duffer's cherry was a bushy-headed hippy chick with a penchant for the devil's lawn and barley pop. I'm no Tiger off the tee, but Hippy Girl was a hack. While I swung for the fringe, Hippy Girl drove the cart, swilled beer and smoked weed. At the turn, I was 20 strokes over. Hippy Girl was three sheets to the wind. Our links hi jinx scored no points with the foursome ahead of us, but the six hours we spent chatting between shanks and hooks polished my approach and worked wonders on our long game. Hippy Girl and I would never golf again, but we laughed about it for the next five years. 

Swing doctors have a great saying…

"Practice makes permanent."

That's another way of telling their students, "Keep doing the same stuff wrong over and over again and you'll never get it right."

I know what I'm supposed to do every time I address the ball, but I rarely get it right…



See your target

Adjust your stance

Stay loose

Keep your eye on the ball

Follow through

Good advice for golf. Even better advice for life.

If I hope to make today's twosome a regular thing, I need to relax.


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jenks said...

Yup, good advice indeed.
Why is it so hard to heed good advice?