People I Have Known

I had a friend named Nolan Voyde. I tried to include him in whatever I was doing, but it was impossible. Every word out of his mouth was negative or dismissive. Mike Hockhurtz was no better. He wasn't happy unless he was busting my balls.

Skip, on the other hand, was incredible. He had a bounce in his step that always put a smile on my face. Not even our friend Dick could remain salty in his presence.

Then there was Leslie Dykstra. She may have looked like one of the boys, but she was all girl.

And whatever happened to Warren? The guy was jumpy as a rabbit—nothing could contain him.

Of course, not all my childhood friends were smart. Chuck and Stew were total meatheads. Same with Patty and her boyfriend Linc. Matt was smarter than all of us, but he let everyone walk all over him. Even guys like Angel took advantage of his good nature.

Cash thought he had all the answers—some guys never change. Bill was always there when I needed him. How do you repay a guy like that? The answer is, you don't—just ask Owen.


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