It's the Thought that Counts

Last night I tried really hard to have an original idea. Something that wasn't a rehashed rant or another whimsical skip down memory lane. One totally fresh concept, sowed in the trenches of my furrowed brow and built on the open plains of cyberspace like an historical marker on The Freeway to Nowhere. I wasn't struggling for shocking, life-affirming or surreal. Freshness and originality were my only criteria, and that I summed it up in 50 words or less. The Presidential oath is 35 words, so surely I could come up with something… right?

Turns out I can't. Unless, of course, you're willing to count this treatment for my new sitcom:

"Virgin Harry"

After performing an appendectomy on a third-world hermaphrodite, the volunteer doctor catheterizes his patient with a dirty hose. Traces of the previous patient's bodily fluids impregnate the genetic freak. The resulting divine conception sends his village into chaos. Hilarity ensues…

I did it—an original idea with ten words to spare. Should I add a wisecracking negro housekeeper whose best friend is a talking donkey for broader comic effect, or simply let the usual absurdities move the plot?



Anonymous said...

you've always been your own worst enemy. how do you underestimate yourself so...? call me anytime that fragile little thing you call an ego needs a boost. i'll stroke you like...... um... i won't go there. i got your back!
dave freimuth.

rudderramjet said...

keep writing! i wanna learn more of the plot...