Bye Space

I was an early Myspace cadet… probably among that social network's first seventeen or twenty million members. I have shot self-portraits in a vain attempt to appear worldly and well-traveled, and yes, I have sent bulletins and messages to long-lost friends and barely-known acquaintances alike on this leisure time leviathan.

Today I said, "No more."

Five minutes ago I pulled the plug on cyberlife support forever. Soon I will poke my last friend in the Facebook. I stopped eHaromonizing and Match.com'ing years ago. If you don't have my phone number or email address by now, we probably weren't meant to be together. Sorry, Laura Crofut, Tim Fleming and David Sally.



BCM said...

it's only a matter of time.


Harold McGruther said...

NIce cabin, Kim! If I hide there will you come visit me?

BCM said...

Well that's the unabombers old digs, which sits in a government warehouse somewhere. So yeah I'd come visit so we could check out jimmy hoffa's limo and any other cool forgotten shit laying around.