Ignorance is Piss

There are so many things I don't know, it's scary. Time to learn:

Since the concept of Gods and Prophets is completely lost on me, this one requires more research.

Turns out Theodore Roosevelt—not JFK as widely assumed—was the youngest man to ascend to the presidency. The oldest? The Great Communicator, just a couple weeks shy of his 70th birthday.

Ayatollah is the highest position attainable by a Shi'a theologian, sort of like the Pope, but with more guns and bombs. At least that's how it looks on TV.

I knew this one, but Wiki does a great job of putting it in lay terms. In mathematical terms, it goes like this:

If you buy a widget for $100 and sell it for $200, you've marked it up 100%, but your margin is only 50%. That's because 50% of the selling price ($200) is profit, with the balance being cost of goods. Elementary, I know, but it's helpful to understand the difference.

What's the most beautiful song ever written?

Is there a cover that's even better?

Man, that's a tough one…


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