I Heart BMX

Before they were famous artists, ad-agency firebrands and Academy Award-nominated film directors, Andy Jenkins, Mark Lewman and Spike Jonze were founding staffers at Freestylin' magazine, the bible for bicycle stunt riding. In those days, The Master Cluster and I were thick as thieves. Andy was my idol, Spike was my wedding photographer and Lew was my friend. Big thinking and fearless dreaming swept my peers and pals to a higher place in the professional pantheon, but after nearly 20 years we manage to stay in touch. Not to the extent any of us would like, I'm afraid, but enough to make old bonds stick. 

Bike riding was the catalyst that bound us together in those days, and that hobby/passion/job has occupied a place in each of our hearts ever since. To commemorate that fruitful and formative era, Andy, Lew and Spike collaborated on this book. "Freestylin'—Generation F" is a comprehensive summary of our sport's—and our own—golden years from 1984 to 1989. In this lavishly illustrated and thoroughly well written tome today's riders will find everything that's missing from the modern scene: namely, its heart and soul.

In its golden years, innocence, exuberance and naiveté imbued freestyle bike riding with an energy unrivaled by other fledgling X sports of the day. Only punk rock and skateboarding could top bicycle motocross's bastard stepchild for recognition and respect in the pop conscience, a fact early freestyle pioneers and all the riders who followed them have reluctantly learned to accept. "Freestylin'—Generation F" is the loudest and worthiest salvo fired yet on our orphan sport's behalf. Everyone who tries to make a living and a difference in today's BMX game owes Andy, Lew and Spike their thanks and respect.



Tman said...

NICE! I was already moving onto road and Mtn bikes in those glory days but still paid attention.

Harold McGruther said...

Another comment was received re: this post, but I rejected it. I don't publish anonymous responses. sack up and sign your name if you want to talk shit.

-- McGoo

Delivererer said...

Best breakdown of Generation F yet. Good work, my man. How was Devo? Dikipedia is amazing. I chose to research Sean Penn and was not dissapointed. I guess this is a multi-post comment. sorry.