The End of an Error

With puns like these, who needs enemas? Certainly not me. Even the great Sigmund Freud liked to turn a clever phrase. According to the Father of psychoanalysis, a great pun's impact lied in its shear lack of weight. All the comic density of an Oscar Wilde pearl with none of the heavy lifting? I'll take it. Let's face it—this shitty blog's not going to write itself…

Everyone makes new year resolutions. This year I've promised to improve my diet, get back on my bicycle and to avert my jaundiced eye when mediocrity or frustration strike. More motorcycle riding and less cream cheese brownies would also be nice, but I'm not going to push my luck. I am, however, going to push myself to find the pot of rainbows at the end of the dark cloud that sometimes masquerades as my career. On the subject of friends and loved ones I will only say this: I have several of each, and this year I'll make a braver effort to keep them. I'm also trying to cut back on the booze. I don't know who said "Absynthe makes the heart go Fonda," but I've seen "Easy Riders," so I definitely know what she was talking about.

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Tman said...

Drag yerself a mountainbike with you when you come to Sturgis. We will get our outta shape selves on some primo singletrack.