Things I Hate


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The Older I Get, The Faster I Was.

Big Butts Drive me Nuts.

Hey, Nice Bike—What Does Your Husband Ride?

Have a Brew, Have a Screw, Havasu!

Speed Costs Money. How Fast Do You want to Go?

Got Balls?

Second Place is The First Loser.

Face Your Fears. Live Your Dreams.

The genesis of modern t-shirt sloganeering can be traced to a British sound stage in 1983. That’s when pop queens Boy George and George Michael gyrated in separate music videos wearing oversized nightshirts emblazoned with the same apocryphal mandate: Choose Life. When not one but two flamboyantly homosexual dance divas can be seen doing the jitterbug in matching frocks on VH1, every man on the planet with a No Fear Chicken/Pussy t-shirt needs to rethink his wardrobe. James Dean, Chuck Bronson and Bruce Lee wore plain white t-shirts, and for good reason. They didn’t have to rely on the wit and wisdom of a graphic designer at Hot Topic to make them feel connected and cool. A cigarette and a sweat-stained Fruit of the Loom undershirt was all they needed.

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