Purple is The New Stupid

There's Different, and there's Unique. Then there's Fucking Ridiculous. I am all about freedom of expression and the assertion of one's individuality. I'm not sure what this guy is about. World of Warcraft 3D replicant, perhaps? Or maybe the founding father of some new Über Douche movement in Germany. Whatever it is, he's trying too hard. Relax, people. Life isn't that difficult. As a cab driver in Las Vegas once told me, every man has three basic responsibilities:

Get a job

Get a house

Get a gun

Where do you think Flamebrows falls on that checklist?



Anonymous said...

Kevin Staab?

Otto von Blotto said...

u know this guys name of CHOPCULT or FB? I'd like to ad him as a friend

Bosanova Bill said...

Looks he wants to be a douche bag for ever.