Dot Dot Dot, Dash Dash Dash…

Lurking on the Innerweb has energized my appreciation for an essential basic in written communication.

Namely, punctuation.

IM's, PM's and texting have rendered periods, commas, and semicolons obsolete.

That's a shame, because without them clarity vanishes.

Don't believe it? Read 'em and weep:

A woman. Without her, man is nothing.

A woman without her man, is nothing.

A woman without. Her man is nothing.

Same words, three meanings.

Let's try another:

If you're bored, try screwing! Your sister—she's awesome.

If you're bored, try. Screwing your sister? She's awesome.

If you're bored, try screwing your sister. She's awesome.

My point? To eschew obfuscation, consider reintroducing capitalization and punctuation to your IT rants and raves.

Eschew obfuscation…?

It'll take more than ellipsis to make sense of that.



Green Laker said...

While we're at it, lets rid the world of the improper apostrophes (improper apostrophe's?). Just because it is a plural version of a word, it doesn't mean that it needs one.

Otto von Blotto said...

+1, son!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget capitalization,either.
It is the difference between:
"helping your Uncle Jack off a horse" and "helping your uncle jack off a horse"