Back from The Dead

I haven't given up on the Lounge. I promise.

While my friends Blotto, Mel Bend, Deliveranter and The Fashion Serial Killer to name four have been churning out props, prophecy and propaganda on their respective feeds, I've been cranking out quasi-inspired photo features on ChopCult like a Ritalin-fueled 'zine geek with a hundred-dollar gift card from Kinko's.

To read my vapid ramblings in the chopper blogosphere, click the images.

None of these features are the biggest or the best, but you get the idea. See more here. I'm still not downright proud of my photos, but nor do I feel obligated to apologize for them. I'm growing more competent and confident, and Nikon's D5000 fixes nearly everything but my waning vision. Fortunately, PhotoShop makes a command for that. It's called "Sharpen," and I use it 50 times a day.

The pace at which Bill and I crank out coverage of our beloved lowbrow biker scene is daunting, so we've shifted blog responsibilities for Biltwell and SNAFU to friends and team riders to make time for our tasks. Thanks to Matt Bischoff and Matt Sparks for manning the quill on SNAFU's new site and Facebook page.

I'm calling on the kindness of friends and strangers to provide a broader range of editorial perspective for the ChopCult news feed. If you have a story with photos that speaks to our chopper nation, please send it to me for possible publication. ChopCult can't pay for original editorial or photography yet (and probably never will), but the 15 seconds of fame you might enjoy might almost be worth it.


To everyone who availed their bikes to our cameras this year, thanks for your participation and support. I'm going to Las Vegas September 21-25, and I'd love to shoot more machines for ChopCult while I'm in town. Consider this blog your call to action. To arrange a photo session, please send me an email.

When I wrap up business in Vegas this later this month, I intend to make the CB450 a running entity, and to pick up where I left off four weeks ago on the SpartanKiller. Both projects grinded to a halt over our busy summer, but fall is upon us and garage season has never looked more promising.

When my bike project gains steam, you can read about it here.


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