My favorite Al Pacino movie is not "The Godfather I or II."

"Godfather III" isn't even in the top 100.

It's not "Serpico."

It damn sure isn't "The Scent of a Woman" (mercy Oscar to apologize for overlooking Godfather II).

No, my favorite Al Pacino films of all time are "Dog Day Afternoon" and "Cruising."

Is it serendipity or dumb luck that Mr. Pacino played a homosexual bank robber in one, and a straight-shooting undercover cop-turned-homo in the other? My guess is, after his epic descent into murderous depravity in "Godfathers I & II," young Mr. Pacino immersed himself in every kooky role they handed him to avoid being cast as type. Michael Corleone or Officer Steve Burns? Screen "Cruising," then you decide.

The final scene in "Cruising" shows a mustachioed Mr. Pacino doffing a leather biker cap and hitting the Big Apple for a night of ass-filled fun. The case for which Steve Burns went undercover had been solved, so the screenplay wasn't leaving much room for doubt. Al's character loved "the lifestyle" so much, he remained undercover the rest of his life. Talk about character development.

In the most memorable scene of the movie, Officer Burns learns the secret color code for handkerchiefs. Every time I see a hotrodder, a biker or a James Dean wannabe rocking a bandana in his 501's I think of the red bandana in Al's right pocket.

Pass the mustard, please…


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Nick said...

It was all about the scene with the dude greasing up his whole forearm. I watched Cruisin twenty years ago and I remember it as though it were yesterday. I understand......