Progress Report (or Lack Thereof…)

I finished this bike a year ago. I've ridden it twice. The most recent failure was a broken battery. I'm going to pick up a new one this afternoon, and hopefully the Street Tracker will kick to life in time for some spring riding. Of course, I'm also trying to finish the Spartankiller in time for some summer riding, so I need to put down the Innerwebs and pick up the wrenches.

Speaking of self-indulgent horseshit, I haven't forgotten about the adventures of The Satin Hammers. It's riding season in SoCal, and this has meant more time writing ChopCult features and less time staring at my navel. Generating content for our humble media resource is a blast, and I find it very easy to sideline other projects to wax verbose on the old 33 news feed. To everyone who follows my musings, thanks for your enthusiasm and encouragement. As soon as we get some more stories in the queue, I'll get back to the greasy projects at hand: firing up my little green CB, and gaining some traction on the SpartanKiller.