Eye of The Tiger

Today the world will hear Tiger Woods' explanation (Apology? Excuse?) for recent infidelities, and I'm sure the winner of 71 tour events and 14 Majors will do a fair amount of groveling at the feet of past, current and future sponsors to plug the holes in his billion-dollar endorsement dyke.

Personally, I don't think the world's #1 golfer owes an apology to anyone, save his wife and kids. Tiger's indiscretions shouldn't change the way fans or Madison Avenue measure the man, which was by birdies, bogies and eagles until he got caught losing his putter in one too many deep lies.

If I were a spin doctor on Tiger's media team, I would advise the multi-cultural sports icon to thank the wife who stood by him, the children that didn't judge him, the sponsors who remained loyal to him, and the fans who made playing the game so richly rewarding.

If I were Tiger I would say these things with all the contrition I could muster, announce my touring schedule then get back to what I do best…

Boning porn stars, cocktail waitresses, casino hostesses and bar hags.



Fashion Serial Killer said...

I agree.. that's his private life.. people are just nosy.. but man, couldn't he at least bone some better women?

Rudder & Chris B. said...

it's very difficult (especially after listening to tiger speak his words at the news conference this morning) to contest that he "committed major breach on several fronts"