New Year's Resolutions

Setting attainable goals… that's the key to self improvement. Here are are few milestones I'm determined to achieve in 2010:

• Eat fewer cookies, and less often

• Finish the SpartanKiller by March

• Talk to mom at least once a week

• Spend face time—not Facebook—with people I care about

• Ride my bicycle four times per week, minimum

• Ride my motorcycle at least twice per month

• Train Willis to come, not squat

• Cut back on scrambled eggs

• Donate any garment I haven't worn at least once in the previous 12 months to charity

I was going to add "look people in the eye when we speak," but my vision has deteriorated to such an extent this is nearly impossible. Given this fact, here's one more:

• Wear my glasses

There you have it. Nothing that qualifies as "raising the bar," but hey—Rome wasn't built in a day.



M2 said...

I was hoping that at least one of those resolutions would be related to the photo, like... "visit a strip club at least once a week, like in the old days" ... or something like that.

M2 said...
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