Food for Thought

I'm waging a one-man war on "coolifs," "yeahbuts" and "excepts," as in,

"It would be cool if somebody…"

"… Yeah but I would have done it like this…"

Or last but not least,

"I like everything you did except…"

Know what I think would be cool? Instead of coming up with ideas for other people to execute, the people who share these opinions should screw up the gumption to do it better themselves. Then when somebody comes up to them and says,

"Yeah but I would have done it like this…"

The person who did all the work can punch his critic in the dick and say,

"I like everything about you except your inability to offer assistance or constructive criticism. That's why I punched you in the dick. Sorry if my reaction to your stupid comment offended you."



Wes Drelleshak Photography said...


ryanfudger said...

And here I've been naysaying my entire fucking life...

Rob said...

word up, dicks down...