Adding to The Clutter

Ego, peer pressure and insomnia have forced me back into the social networking game. You may already have noticed my cancelled moratorium on Facebook…

Now you can add Biltwell's Myspace page…

… and Twitter profile to my daily muse dumps.

If you participate on any or all of these social media, please add them to your daily feed. I can't promise pearls of wisdom with every stroke of the keyboard, but as web swill goes my musings are at least as entertaining as Lance Armstrong's lunch redux.

If any of my rants go horribly awry, please point me in the right direction with a friendly tweet.

Thanks in advance for your continued participation in these meaningful exchanges of bold dialogue and new ideas.

Where would we be without them?



Bosanova Bill said...

Twitter, rhyms with Shitter. That all I have to say on the subject.

Bosanova Bill said...

Twitter rhyms with Shitter, nuff said.