Neck Deep in the High Seas

When you make a decision without knowing all the facts, you're misinformed.

Make one without anticipating what's down the road and you're myopic.

Pull the trigger with no regard for track records or history and you're naive.

Make the call based solely on gut and you're foolishly optimistic.

Choose the path that's cheapest on paper and you might be called fiscally—but often not logistically—prudent.

Two years ago liberal talking heads would have called leadership decision-making like this "Bush" league.

Today, I simply call it predictable.

If there's anything I've learned from my age and experience, it's that Age and Experience are never a guaranty of leadership acumen in the persons who possess them.

I have been humbled by the wisdom of wildly successful visionaries half my age, and I have been baffled by the stupidity of septuagenarian sages.

Rather than be held hostage by such fools any longer, I did what any aged, experienced businessman would never do:

I jumped headfirst into a game I know less than nothing about, and I did it in the deep end with the twin cinder blocks of Blind Enthusiasm and Unbridled Optimism tied to my feet.

This leap of faith WILL bear fruit, because I have no other choice.

My days of suffering at the hands of pedants and procrastinators are over.


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Flatironmike said...

OMG, you're running for office.....