Tennis shoes, 10 Issues…

I love tennis, so I'm really looking forward to spending this Fourth of July weekend with my friends Mike McD and H-Town in Pebble Beach for the 2009 Wimbledon Championships. When we're not playing the game ourselves, we'll be watching the Williams sisters face off in their fifth Wimbledon finals. Both ladies are 2-and-2 on center court at this hallowed venue, so it's a toss-up. I'm pulling for a Federer/Roddick finals on Sunday. A win on Roger's part will give the Swiss big cheese his record-setting 15th men's Grand Slam title. I haven't played a respectable set of recreational tennis in over a year, so I know my game and my overtaxed knees will be rusty. Holden and I played frequently when we were roommates in SoCal, but that was 22 years ago! Holden is fitter and more serious in his forties than either of us were in our 20's, so I'm expecting an ass-whooping. Thanks to Mike and our old friends Bev and Chris Sanders for putting me up in their guest house, and thanks to the Pebble Beach Tennis Club for putting up with my drunken dumbness after the fireworks Saturday night.

Happy Independence Day



jenks said...

Have a blast McGoo. Give the boys fist bumps for me.

Bosanova Bill said...

I love Venus and Serina. Not only are they great tennis players they are Super foxy!