Swells Like Teen Spirit

Been to the mall lately?

Feels like '86 all over again.

Every mannequin in every window from Z Cavaricci to Abercrombie & Fitch is covered in more neon than the coat check room at a Cyndi Lauper concert.

What causes these chromatic hiccups in fashion?

Is it the economy? 

Or is it the pop charts?

In 1986 unemployment was 7.1 percent. Adjusted for current dollars, the average household income was just under $25,000.

Although the Fed won't know the '08 AHI until August, even if current economic conditions eviscerate the '07 figure of $49,000 by 25 percent, we're still $11,000 richer per household than we were when The Material Girl ruled the pop charts. Of course, all it took was Kurt Cobain in a plaid flannel and ripped blue jeans to skip the needle on that record…

I think the time is right for a new revolution. Who's going to write the battle song?



Ryan Fudgggggger said...

If you account for inflation, the AHI is already considered to be down. It'll be odd to see the standard of living go down for the average home in the coming years. Not mine, but theirs, because you've been to my house and you've seen my cats.

Harold McGruther said...

I love your one-eyed cat, but the black cat scares me. All black cats scare me…