Jet Rag

Returned on the 14-hour flight from Taiwan Wednesday.

Did chores Thursday.

Worked Friday.

Tuned up the bicycle 7 to 10.

Dinner at 11, desert at midnight. 

Googled the Innerwebs 'til 2 am.

Read 'til 3 am.

Watched pay-per-view till 5 am.

Forty minutes of sleep from sunrise to 7.

Called my Honda project motor guy at 8 this morning—still not finished and it's been six weeks.

Now it's noon Saturday and I'm exhausted.

Jet lag rules when you're busy.

Run out of stuff to do and it sucks.

I wanted to pull an all-nighter on the CB450 project this weekend. 

Now I'll be lucky if I get out of my pajamas.


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