Have You Driven a Ford to The Bank lately?

Today FoMoCo stock is $2.30 per share. I think that number will increase 50% in 15 months. Two vehicles will spur this windfall for Ford shareholders:

2010 Ford Taurus

25 years ago Ford rode high in the battle for sales supremacy with their soap-shaped Taurus. This American-made FWD sedan was our nation's top-selling car, and one of seven vehicles that wore the blue oval in the top-10. The Taurus's ubiquity in fleet and rental markets helped it earn that accolade, and its faithful service in these arenas convinced a nation of skeptical consumers that recalcitrant UAW drones and the greedy executives who lead them could indeed compete with Japan's best. The Accord and Camry eventually dethroned Ford's mighty people mover, but the Taurus's time has come again. This contemporary sedan has Practical and Popular written all over it without looking like grandpa's Buick or Aunt Shelly's Japanese coupe du jour. I think it's a winner.

2010 Ford Transit Connect

My second prediction requires a paradigm shift in teenaged ideology to come true, but I'm willing to roll the dice. When I ogled Ford's Transit Connect at the LA Car Show last December, its form and function collided in my psyche like some divine dream-car pileup. Cute as the Subaru Brat I pined for in the ninth grade, practical as my neighbor's Yamahauler, rugged-looking as Uncle Greg's K-5 Blazer and stingier than a VW Beetle, Transit Connect is an X Games gear hauler, stabbin' cabin and escape pod for the iPhone set, assuming any 'tweener will put down his iPhone long enough to drive one. Kids today don't seem as concerned with cutting the cord and spreading their wings as my generation 30 years ago. Convincing a few hundred thousand teen aged drivers to close their laptops and open a map would be good for America. I think this perky panel van is the car that can do it. Cute and Boxy worked for Scion, and it will work for Ford, too, if they can get their woes in check.


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rudderramjet said...

I'd buy this= hopefully it make it to dealership showrooms with a reasonable price tag