I have a theory about the long-term health of American suburbia. In short, it's this:

Today's master-planned communities and the McMansions that define their skylines are destined to become tomorrow's blighted 'burbs.


Because the large families these neighborhoods were engineered to accommodate eventually grow up and out. When this happens, the empty nesters who remain behind—nuclear or otherwise—find themselves craving less.

Less space.

Less haste.

Less waste.

Solution: simplify your life and migrate back to the rejuvenated and culturally vibrant city of your choice. Drive less, walk more, eat better and make new friends.

I've done exactly that, and I'm happy as the proverbial clam in his strip mall shell. But hey—I'm just one guy, probably blinded by my own myopia.

Or maybe not:

Turns out my notion is neither fresh nor original, and that's scary.

But not as scary as this:

Sub-prime in more ways than I can count


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