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To quantify the notion that one presidential nominee is making better and more positive use of the Internet than his opponent, political blogger Andrew Cherwenka searched both candidates on YouTube. The results were interesting, and got me thinking…

How would "BMX" fare in a similar TubeOff against "Skateboards", "iPhones" and "Girls?"

Subjecting these four healthy lab rats to Mr. Cherwenka's litmus test gleaned the following results. The number after each word represents the total views for the top-five videos in each search:

iPhone = 16,044,902
Girls = 10,534,767
Skateboard = 9,272,717
BMX = 6,382,697

Does it surprise anyone that Apple's Messianic gizmo trumped the lamentable twenty-inch by nearly 3 to 1, or that skateboards beat BMX by 50%? I've always contended that bicycle companies don't compete with each other, they fight for their piece of mom's financial pie with everything under the sun: skate shoes, blue jeans, cell phones, video games, Internet porn, you name it.

How can BMX change its fortunes in such a discerning, competitive and opinionated marketplace?

In the case study of Barrack vs. Johnny, Andrew Cherwenka posited that the Obama campaign's superior social networking ("the most successful Internet marketing campaign in history") and message of hope has drowned John McCain in a sea of "stunning negativity."

I wasn't sure how American politics applied to the black art of BMX marketing, but I am now.

Be positive.


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brien said...

skating beat BMX by less than 1/3rd. not as big of a gap as i would've guessed.