October 7

My childhood racing hero Jackie Stewart clinched his third and final F1 title on this date in 1973. Stewart retired at the peak of his powers after the death of his friend and fellow competitor Francois Cevert at Watkins Glen. During my own racing days in the 1970's, my friend Greg Esser's father and I used to spar over who was Formula One's Greatest of All Time. While I made my case for the Flying Scotsman, The Founding Father of the NBL believed the crown belonged on Jimmy Clark's head. Greg and Bryan's old man lived long enough to watch Michael Schumacher win seven F1 championships, but if George were alive today I'm sure he'd still fight for the gentleman he called "The King of the World." 

Like Mr. Esser's friend and legendary racecar driver Sterling Moss once said, "it has taken me 33 years and a bang on the head to get my values right."

Sterling was lucky. It has taken me nearly 47.

George's King and his Court


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