The Last Wednesday Before the First Tuesday in November





Call it anything you want, but I like to think my 40 years of self-reliance, 30 years of self-absorption, 20 years of self-employment and 10 months of self-reflection have set my bullshit meter on 11. So it was with a jaundiced eye (but through rose-colored glasses) that I watched this:

Obama's inspiring, disheartening and supremely well produced infomercial aired on three major and four cable networks this evening, and was followed by a live broadcast of the 2008 Democratic nominee beating the bushes (no pun intended) before a crowd of 40,000 in the Sunshine State.

At the 9:11 mark on this video, I shed a tear. I am not making this up.

Of course, cynics out there (this one included) will be asking themselves one very important question even as they pull the curtain on the voting booth next Tuesday:

Can one man really make a difference?

This video has me thinking…



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