When You Like to Live Indoors…

…there's no limit to how low you'll go to earn a buck:

This is my friend Justin Kosman. He's a world-class action photographer. His passion and specialty is BMX, but like me, he's not above mingling in the company of hairless men in skin-tight Lycra. Unlike me, however, Justin gets paid to suffer the indignity.  That's Division 1 pro team Jelly Belly in the background, adjusting their chamois before a training ride. While I drove a chase vehicle two feet ahead of the pack at 20 to 30 mph, Justin hung outside the van door, his head and twenty thousand dollars of photo gear dangling mere inches off the tarmac. Unfortunately, the photos from that shoot will never see the light of RGB. Why? Two riders in the group weren't wearing helmets. 

Safety first, people. 


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