I Heard a Good One at the Orifice Today

This is my Dog Willis. He's a three-year-old Welsh Corgi. I rescued him from an adoption center in San Bernardino. As pound puppies go, Willis has been as wonderful a lost or neglected dog could be. He rarely pisses in the warehouse, and only then on late-model Harley-Davidson Sportsters—never Chris's Panhead or Bill's 45. He NEVER shits in the house, but I have seen him dragging his ass around as some dogs do. This concerned me, because I've always heard wive's tales about ticks and ringworms and other pests. Well, it turns out Willis could be suffering from another malady

I've dumped girls for less offensive problems than this, so needless to say, I'm not thrilled by the prospect of having to excise odorous pus from Willis' anal sacs. Sometimes you CAN learn too much information on the Internet. This is one of those times. Pass the finger cots and wish me luck.


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Anonymous said...

my friend levi used to be a vet. he told us horror stories about dog assholes all the time. im usually a thrifty guy but i would sure as hell pay someone else to violate your little doggies a-bob just so you're not scarred for life. good luck good buddy - zito.