Things I Hate: Quitting

When I started it in 2007, this blog provided a cathartic place to wax nostalgic and vent my spleen. A home for stories about childhood, rants on thumb rings, that sort of thing.

When "social media" accelerated the pace and duration of my workday to light speed, my near-daily rants and raves ground to a halt.

I tried to resurrect this project's relevance and my attention to it last year, but new mediums for banal self-expression (Facebook) and quasi-informative journalism and editorializing (ChopCult) consume the majority of my time for typing.

Writing is a terribly vain pastime anyway, so the chance to step away from at least one bully pulpit is a good thing.

One thing I hope I've gleaned from the Facebook form is brevity. "Value" and "relevance?" Well, not so much. I reluctantly continue to embrace the tweet and blog and status update thanks to Hoot Suite, but that software has engaged my obsession with planning in a way that can't be good for the medium. Thanks to Hoot Suite's scheduling feature, most of my spontaneous updates are written days and sometimes weeks in advance.

"Just ate the best burrito ever!"

I pre-posted that jem last Thursday, and illustrated it with a photo I took at Jiliberto's last August.

Probably not what Zuckerberg had in mind.

My point? This is probably my last blog ever.

I have more I want to say, but how many more times can I expect my sliver of Facebook's 500 million citizens to listen?

Something tells me 24/7 connectivity has reached its zenith. I don't want to be here when it crashes back to earth.


DEADBEAT said...

Aw man, don't give it up, tis is one of the few mildy moto related blogs that I like to check semi-monthly, I really dig the "Wild about Oscar" posts.

black rob said...

Too bad, i enjoy checking out this time to time. Since you posted this 6 weeks ago i guess i should say time to....er...uh......time.