Forget hip-hop—the real money is in modern country music. I don't listen to the stuff personally, but I've read the lyrics, so I can say this with total conviction:

Any drunken dumbass could pen a top-10 country hit

Don't agree with me? Take the Buck Chocolate Challenge.

One of these lyrics is an award-winning ditty by a CW superstar, and the other is some shit I wrote after drinking a bottle of two-buck Chuck. Sing along, then decide…

Am I Ready For Love?

Sometimes I wonder
How it's gonna feel
Will my first love be true and real
Will I be ready when my heart starts to fall
What will I do when my love comes to call
And my daddy tells me that I light up his world
Every day he says, Darling, your my best girl
He tried to teach me from the very start
The meaning of love
So nobody breaks my heart
I know I'm not a little girl anymore
Cause I'm feeling things I never felt before
Sweet sensations, and anticipations
Calling comotion to my emotions
And I hear the words my daddy said to me
He said be true to yourself
And keep your spirit free
And love will find you
One way or another
Be good to yourself
And be good to each other

The Last to Know

Tears run rings around my heart
Like wild horses in the night
Once we were so good together
But I refuse to cuss or fight
I know you've been cheatin'
Don't look surprised
I didn't have to catch you
I saw it in your eyes
Long ago I told myself
I'd never be a cheater's girl
The art of love is give and take
And you are not my only world
Don't bring me roses
I'll only see thorns
Don't call me dear
I'll only feel horns
I may have been the last to know
But you will be the first to go

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